Where can YOU catch The Kilties' in performance mode this year? Here is an updated schedule for the second half of our season. Check out our schedule below and start planning now to see us in action!


2014 Kilties’ Remaining Performance Season Schedule 


August 23 Rehearsal (Gilmore, Racine)

August 24 Rehearsal (Tremper HS, Kenosha)

August 29 Rehearsal during day and evening parade-Downtown Rochester, New York.
August 30 DCA Prelims-morning/afternoon—DCA I & E/Evening-Rochester, NY
August 31 DCA Finals-Rochester, NY
Sept. 1 Travel home---back by early evening.

Sept 6-7 OFF

Sept 13 Performance and work annual fundraising event-Great Lakes Brew Fest-Racine Zoo.
Sept 14 Annual season end afternoon banquet-Roma Lodge-Racine.

-End of 2014 Performance Season-




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