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Meet Sofia! Sofia experienced her rookie year in 2014, and she's committed to coming back for 2015.

Sofia, a senior in high school, had no previous experience in drum corps or with color guard prior to joining The Kilties, but she did have marching experience - having been drum major of the West Bend High School Marching Band for the last three years.


Here's what she has to say about her rookie year in The Kilties: "Something I enjoyed about my experience marching with the Kilties is how I came to this corps and was treated as an equal -- not as a silly teenager and not as someone who knew nothing -- but an equal. I also loved how I made friends from all over and of all different ages, it really proved that age is just a number especially with friendships."


Sofia says her favorite memory is the Minnesota weekend. "This was my favorite time from marching with Kilties, because it was not just my first "road trip" but because that is when I knew I had made life long friends...I never knew I would become so close to people I just met in such a short period of time."


Even though Sofia had no previous color guard experience, her instructor said she "rocked" her rookie year, and did the corps and the guard proud!


Are you ready to join Sofia and others as part of Team Plaid? Simply go to our website at to find out more and fill out an online interest form. We look forward to seeing you at our opening weekend on December 6th and 7th.


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